2020-06-20 16:03


New WeChat Feature Is Fun, but Some Users Find It Useless!

WeChat smoothly launched a new feature called nudge that has taken many users by surprise - but in a good way. Everyone seems to be having fun with it!

The message screen will display a snap, and the phone will vibrate slightly with the image shaking.

The person being nudged will not be notified of the new message, but will see an avatar in the chat list with the words "XXXX nudged you" displayed.

When the friend opens the chatbox, the phone and avatar will also vibrate slightly twice to remind the friend of their having just been nudged.

But whats even more fun is that you can nudge yourself! Or whoever you wish to nudge - all you need to do is change your group alias.

Although it was originally intended for users to nudge one another, some later found that they could change their group aliases to make fun of each other.

For instance: your bf nudged your butt.

But in the end, what's the point of this feature?

Conversations often start with the usual "Hello? Are you there zi ma? even though the person youre messaging may not want to be disturbed. But with WeChats new nudge feature, you can initiate a conversation without disturbing the other person (there are no notifications of new messages.)

Despite this seemingly interesting aspect, many users have fired back by saying it was utterly useless.

From the point of view of a Product Manage, this simple added element adds interactivity to the user journey. That being said, users, themselves recognize that it doesnt make their own WeChat experience any more convenient than it was before.

Little added features like this one can be fun, but most users believe WeChat should first focus on bigger app updates that would actually make their lives easier.

This feature is currently limited to the latest iOS version 7.0.13

What do you think? Have you seen it on your app update yet?

Oh, and one quick pro tip before we let you go - unless you guys are close, dont ever nudge your own boss in a WeChat group

Editor: Crystal H

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